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“SECURE solved our most difficult retention cases.”

“SECURE has been more successful than any other adhesive product.”

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Suction-based denture adhesives too often can’t stop slip and slide

Secure Waterproof Adhesive always stops slip and slide

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SECURE Ingredients
Secure Denture® is made with only food grade ingredients!

Secure® is 100% Zinc free and contains no ethyl/methyl parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, benzene, grantrez, artificial flavors or colors.

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Difference Between Secure Dental Adhesive vs. Conventional Adhesives

  • Secure Dental Adhesive is the only adhesive that is non water-soluble. It will not be washed away by liquids or saliva—or while eating or drinking.
  • Secure Denture Adhesive is a real adhesive, providing an extremely strong bonding effect, thus, preventing dentures from slipping or sliding all day long.
  • Conventional denture adhesives work by thickening saliva to improve suction between the denture and gum. The denture holds only by suction.
  • Conventional denture adhesives are water-soluble. They can wash away while you're eating and drinking.
  • Secure Dental Adhesive is not water soluble, so it will not wash away while you're eating or drinking.
  • Secure forms a actual bond between your teeth and your gums, creating a long-lasting hold for up to 12 hours
  • With Secure Dental Adhesive you can talk, eat and drink with new confidence.

What are the ingredients of Secure Denture Bonding Cream?
Secure is made from Food Grade Ingredients:

 Miglyol is based on Glycerine. Glycerine is produced from plant oil. In Europe this oil is usually produced from canola (=colza, lat.: Brassica napus), and the product we use is also based on canola grown in Europe.

Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose: This ingredient is derived from Cellulose. Cellulose is produced from trees or cotton wool. The supplier of the ingredient of Secure Adhesive is using Scandinavian Fir and Spruce, exclusively for our ingredient as we insist on very high quality.

PVA: This is the non soluble ingredient responsible for this main difference of secure to other competitors. PVA is completely inert, non allergic, does not affect the taste and cannot be absorbed. Polyvinyl acetate is a very common ingredient in chewing gums and registered as substance for chewing gum base in Europe as well as in the USA, where it is approved as a food ingredient by the FDA.

Are all ingredients of Secure Denture Bonding Cream of natural origin?
Miglyol and Sodium Carboxmethylcellulose are produced from plant derived basic raw materials. PVA is intentionally not plant derived: gum bases made out of plants may cause allergies and are not always neutral and it is difficult to standardize these products. The PVA in Secure, on the other hand is completely inert, non allergic, does not affect the taste and cannot be absorbed. Therefore it is commonly used as a gum base and especially preferred for medical chewing gums. Synthetic resins like PVA are preferred instead of a natural compound for our medical devices; for the safety of our customers.

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Patented waterproof adhesive lasts longer! 12 Hour Holding Power and it's Zinc Free! Won't wash away like most denture adhesives which are water-soluble. Secure® Denture Adhesive is waterproof, non water-soluble.  Secure® Denture creates a long-lasting hold between your dentures and gums. Plus it's 100% Zinc Free and taste-free.

FREE shipping with orders of $35 or more.

ZINC-FREE. NO HARMFUL RESIDUE to leak into your stomach. Click here to see ingredients.

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